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The Dallas County Green Party website is being repurposed for the Green Party Banking and Monetary Reform Committee.

Visit the facebook page for Dallas Greens.

If you are a Dallas County resident and would like to get involved and revive the Dalas County GP locally, perhaps you should contact the Tarrant County Green Party or the Denton County Green Party for some information, encouragement, and help.

Please go to the Green Party of Texas to sign up with the Texas Green Party.

The national Green Party site is www.gp.org

Some articles from this site can be found at my own site: kmm2016.org

A Relatively Quick Primer

Why are Wall Street and the corporations it finances so powerful? Who really calls the shots? The modern corollary to "who has the gold rules" is who controls the creation and issuance of money rules. TED talk by Ole Bjerg on Where Does Money Come From (15 min.)

The alternative to banking cartel credit/debt money is "sovereign money" as explained in Could These 3 Simple Changes to Banking Fix the Economy? (4 min)

A detailed discussion of the nature of the curtain and what lies behind is: Renaissance 2.0 - Financial Empire - Full Length - Damon Vrabel (1 hr 45 min)

Thank you.