Meeting November 19

Opening Bell Coffee
1409 S. Lamar Street
Basement Retail #012
Dallas, TX 75215

Time: Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 2:00 pm. Message if you have any transportation issues. DallasGreens

We will discuss election results and we will work on a list of preparation items for the 2018 elections. If you can’t attend but have something to say on this topic, please feel free to email Kevin or Joy. We will also consider the best weekend of the month to try and have meetings.

google map
You can use some planning tools and check your nearest bus route at DART schedules & maps. Basically, (1) take the Red or Blue train to the Cedars Station and then walk 2 blocks southwest on Belleview St. to 1409 S. Lamar Street, or (2) take bus #26 or bus #155 to Belleview and S. Lamar.

The coffee shop is located in the basement of Southside on Lamar Lofts, which is the restored Sears & Roebuck building. The location is near the Dallas Police Dept. and Dallas Community College.