Meeting July 16

Location: Union Coffee Shop, 5622 Dyer St #100, Dallas, TX 75206 . Time: Saturday, July 16,  2016 at 2:00 pm. We are in Conference Room A, reserved for 1 hour.   We can continue longer by simply moving to a table in the coffee shop.

We will pass the hat to collect funds for business cards and pamphlets and other printed material.  We want to be able to hand these cards to anyone we might encounter. Please bring a friend who has $5.00 to spare.  We will also continue our discussions of ways to promote the Green Party and candidates and hopefully hear some progress reports.

In the June 25 meeting, we had a session where each participant voiced a particular issue of concern to themselves. There were some eloquent statements made and the range is illustrative of the concerns of the Green Party and of many voters in the Dallas area. A brief mention of the issues:

  • Hungry and poor children, the homeless, and those who are barely surviving. Despite the apparent opulence of many areas of Dallas, desperate poverty is all too common.
  • Apathy – people just do not believe their actions will matter in society
  • Single-Payer health care insurance and the many problems with the health care system
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Lack of economic opportunity in general
  • Drug law reform and cannabis legalization
  • Socialism
  • Electoral reform and economic justice: they system is rigged and is quite unfair
  • Social services and particularly the appalling treatment of the mentally ill in Texas
  • Rampant criminality in government and corporations
  • Disappointment in the Democrat Party – Sanders supporters were treated very badly.
  • Climate change
  • The need to rebuild the Left in politics – unchecked fascism and corporatism leads to very bad outcomes.

You can reach this location by public transit with a little preliminary planning (and $2.50 or $5.00).  You can use some planning tools and check your nearest bus route at DART schedules & maps.  Basically, take the train to the Mockingbird Station and then either (1) Bus Route #1 to Greenville @ Dyer, then walk about 2 blocks west to 5622 Dyer St #100, or (2) from the north end of Mockingbird station walk a short distance to the left on Twin Sixties Dr.  to Prentiss St  (which is more of an alley and may actually be a prospective bike path, marked by the construction barrier and the construction on the left or west side), about three blocks, then right to Dyer and right again into the Union Coffee Shop. google map