Meeting May 28

The Union Coffee Shop is again the location for our meeting.  Location: 5622 Dyer St #100, Dallas, TX 75206 . Time: Saturday, May 28,  2016 at 2:00 pm (in Conference Room A).

You can go by car, since there is parking. 

These were the transit directions from last time and they are still good. Using transit helps mental health and gives you more smart phone time.

Preliminary planning (and $5.00) will help you reach this location by public transit.  You can use some planning tools and check your nearest bus route at DART schedules & maps.  Basically, take the train to the Mockingbird Station and then either (1) Bus Route #1 to Greenville @ Dyer, then walk about 2 blocks west to 5622 Dyer St #100, or (2) from the north end of Mockingbird station walk a short distance to the left on Twin Sixties Dr.  to Prentiss St  (which is more of an alley) right to Dyer and right again. google map

When taking the train, one should calculate travel times for the train with the rail travel times chart.  For example, Downtown Carrollton to West End Station is 35 min on the Green Line. Plan to arrive at the West End Station at about 1:30.  From the West End Station to Mockingbird Station is 14 min. on the Red, Orange, or Blue Lines.  In this example, leave Downtown Carrollton at 12:54 pm and transfer to Red, Orange, or Blue at West End,  to reach the meeting a little before 2:00 pm.  Taking the Red, Orange, or Blue will not need a transfer.  See DART rail schedules for more information.