Voter ID in Legal Limbo

It has been argued that the Texas voter ID requirement (SB 14, enacted 2011) is intended to discourage voting and to outright prevent certain groups of people from being able to vote.  The U.S Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that SB 14 has a discriminatory effect in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.  The Appeals court remanded the case, Veasey v. Abbott, No. 14-41127 (US 5th Cir), to the district court to reconsider whether SB 14 was passed with a purpose of discriminating against certain voters and to consider the appropriate remedy of the discriminatory effect.

It appears some sort of ID requirement will continue to exist, but perhaps it will not be as much of a burden as was created by SB 14.  Texas Republicans made it clear the legal fight will continue.

Governor Abbott released a statement saying  “In light of ongoing voter fraud, it is imperative that Texas has a voter ID law that prevents cheating at the ballot box. Texas will continue to fight for its voter ID requirement to ensure the integrity of elections in the Lone Star State.”  Governor Abbott Statement

The big picture case is Republicans v. Voters.  The supposed purpose of the Voter ID law is to prevent someone from impersonating the real voter.  This is one of the most rare crimes, with few if any cases ever reported.  Since Governor Abbott has said there is “ongoing voter fraud,” one might think there are prosecutions and possibly convictions, with some effort to apprehend violators.  I challenge anyone to find even a single Texas case of “voter fraud” that would be prevented by the SB 14 identification requirements.

The actual evidence shows the issue of voter fraud is a pretext used by Republicans to use ID requirements to limit voting and prevent poor and minority voters from exercising their rights.  Debunking The Conservative Media’s 2014 Voter Fraud Horror Stories 

I think it is also evidence that the Republicans recognize they are a minority party, unpopular with the public, and they are afraid of the voters.  I think this should be encouraging to Green Party members and candidates.

Thank you.