Voter Registration in Texas: Request for Voter Registration Applications.   You must register and have an acceptable ID card to show when you vote.  You can request a postage-paid form to be sent to you.  Or you can try registering through the Green Party of Texas website.

You can find out about your precinct and voting locations at the Dallas County Elections website.

We all know it is important, but so many people don’t vote.  I doubt any miracles will occur because you actually voted, but you will have altered the system in your favor by just a little bit.  Even if there is no great issue or candidate, voting is one of the best ways to make the system better.  I recommend you vote for Green Party candidates.

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You must be at least 17 years and 10 months of age on the date you apply. If for any reason you cannot register yourself, with your permission, your spouse, parent or child may fill out and sign an application for you if that person is a registered voter or has applied for voter registration. This person is known as your “agent.”

The application must be received in the County Voter Registrar’s office or postmarked 30 days before an election in order for you to be eligible to vote in that election.  You will receive a voter registration certificate in the mail after the County Voter Registrar has processed your voter registration application. Upon receipt of the voter registration certificate, sign it, fold it and keep in it in your wallet and take it to the polls with you when you vote.

All voters who registered to vote in Texas must provide a Texas driver’s license number or personal identification number issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety or the last four digits of your social security number.  If you have not been issued any of these numbers, then you must state that fact on the application by checking the designated box.

Here is a brochure that explains the personal ID Card.  Brochure

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